About me

Eva Heinelt

Isleva has been living and working in Wiesbaden for over 18 years. She works intuitively and follows the creative impulses that result from the various materials. Sand, plaster, cardboard, acrylic paint, pastel chalk, putty, epoxy resin etc. are used. The materials merge into images and objects through the techniques used. With varying degrees of abstraction, figures and forms push themselves to the fore without getting lost in the bold. The works thrive on contrast, on the communication between space, color and light and through the play with coincidence, chaos and form.

  • lives in Wiesbaden
  • works as a teacher and artist
  • since 2001 she has devoted herself to her passion for painting
  • Studies at the Free Waldorf School in Stuttgart and Mannheim and attended the Free Art School in Wiesbaden
  • since 2005 she has been dealing intensively with abstract painting
  • For years she has been getting her inspiration from traveling around the world